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When I became a foster mother, I started researching different parenting and education ideas. Learning about the Montessori Method has been intriguing and fascinating, and I have enjoyed watching the little ones in my life learn and grow from incorporating Montessori elements into our family's lifestyle. Montessori For Today was started to provide answers to my own questions, which will hopefully become a great resource for others to learn about the Montessori Method, Montessori Schools, and how you can incorporate elements of Montessori into your own home and lifestyle.

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How to Write a Montessori Lesson Plan

Writing a Montessori lesson plan is an activity the director/directress spends a lot of time on. The Montessori lesson plan gives the child a taste of how beneficial the Montessori educational curriculum is in ensuring positive learning outcomes and healthy development -socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. The Montessori lesson plan emphasizes that with Montessori didactic

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