Gift Guide: Best Montessori Toys for Babies 0-12 Months

If you’re searching for the best Montessori aligned gift ideas for babies, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a baby shower gift for a newborn, a holiday or Christmas gift for a 6-month old, or the perfect birthday present for baby, our Montessori baby gift guide is a great place to start.

We have ideas that include budget-friendly Montessori toys from Amazon to gorgeous custom-made items from Etsy, as well as our favorite picks from Montessori-aligned companies such as Lovevery and Monti Kids. This Montessori gift guide has been updated for 2022.

Wooden Motor Development Set

These Montessori wooden baby toys promote fine motor and gross motor development and are very satisfying for babies. They are used from about 4 months+ when babies begin to reach for and grab things. They are used for auditory and tactile stimulation for young infants. All these items are made with non-toxic materials.

Black and White Cards

Created by Lovevery, these high-contrast images with varying pattern complexity help develop and strengthen your baby’s vision, while playful themes will give you fun ways to build vocabulary. 

Wooden Object Permanence Box Montessori Baby Gift

Object Permanence Box

An object permanence box is a classic Montessori toy for babies 6-12 months. They have many benefits including fine and gross motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

Fabric Sensory Ball Montessori Gift for Babies

Sensory Ball

This sensory ball has 8 different sections with various textures and sounds for babies to explore. Our favorite part about this one is that it’s machine washable.

Montessori Mobiles

These Montessori mobiles include all of the recommended mobiles for newborn babies including Munari, Octahedron, Gobbi, and Dancer. There are many developmental benefits of mobiles for babies.

Montessori Egg Cup

The egg and cup or ball and cup is another classic Montessori material for babies. It is a simple but beneficial toy that makes a great gift.

Pull Up Bar

Around the time that infants begin to attempt pulling up, this Montessori tool can be used, usually from 6-10 months old. Often, the pull-up bars are paired with a mirror, which is often recommended for your child’s bedroom.

Wooden Rainbow Flip Toy

Shake, flex, and flip! This engaging wooden toy stimulates infants’ senses. Sturdy elastic enables each piece to flip out then back like a flower in bloom

Wooden Roller Rattle

Wake up your baby’s senses with this simple and beautiful wood rattle. As the rattle rolls, the colors turn into a rainbow, and the wooden ball inside makes a pleasant, wood-on-wood sound.

Mirror for Nursery

As mentioned above with the pull-up bar, mirrors are often encouraged in Montessori bedrooms and nurseries. There are many benefits to a safe and secure room mirror.

Montessori Wooden Grasping Cars for Babies Gift Idea

Wooden Grasping Cars

This set of 2 wooden grasping cars is a great budget-friendly option for a Montessori baby gift. These are made from natural beechwood with no painting or staining.

Activity Gym Play Mat

Created by Lovevery, which offers many Montessori aligned toys for babies, this play gym grows with your child and can be used in multiple ways for the first full year of your baby’s life.

Tripp Trapp High Chair

More than just a high chair, the Tripp Trapp is loved by Montessori parents around the world. It grows and adjusts with your baby and can be used until they’re 3 years old. One of our favorite Montessori aligned gifts!

Montessori aligned push walker gift for babies

Push Walker

This walker from HABA is our favorite from our recommended push walkers article. Wheel speed can be adjusted depending on the walking skill of the child. Recommended age 10 months+.

Baby Play Kits 0 – 12 Months

Lovevery offers 6 different play kits for babies that offer a variety of Montessori-aligned materials for your infant.

Montessori 8-12 Month Play Kit of 9 Toys

Set includes the palmar block, the ball and cup, the pincer block, the single circle puzzle, the three first shape puzzles, the three peg block, and the 4 stacking blocks.

Rainmaker Rainbow Stick

Children will discover cause and effect as they watch clear plastic beads cascading through a rainbow of wooden flowers. Can be used as a rhythm instrument or rattle, it makes a soft, soothing sound that imitates the natural sound of rain. Ages 6 Months+

Montessori 8-12 Month Play Kit of 9 Toys

Set includes the palmar block, the ball and cup, the pincer block, the single circle puzzle, the three first shape puzzles, the three peg block, and the 4 stacking blocks.

Artful Skwish Grasping Ball

This dynamic web of rods, balls, and beads suspended on strong elastic cord fascinates babies; the open design makes it easy for little fingers to grasp, manipulate the pieces, and keep a grip on the cord.

Wooden Little Copter

It’s seamlessly crafted with smooth, rounded edges, fully functional wheels, and a twirling propeller to fuel both fine motor skills and budding imaginations. Ages 10 Months+

Montessori 8-12 Month Fine Motor Gift Set

A set of 4 of the most popular Montessori grasping toys: The egg and cup, the ball and cup, the palmar block, and the pincer block. All four toys are wonderful for helping your little one practice his/her fine motor movements.

Teether with Ribbons

Teethers help infants develop their grasp and encourage them to transfer objects from hand to hand. The ribbons add an interesting tactile dimension to the activity, giving them another texture to explore.

Wooden Montessori Spinning Drum Gift for Babies 6 months to 12 months

Montessori Spinning Drum

The spinning drum is another classic Montessori material that makes a great baby gift. Great for ages 6 months to 2 years.


Used by parents for generations, the Topponcino is a Montessori infant essential and considered by most as the first “must have” newborn product.

Wooden Elephant Shaker

Give it a shake and hear this beautiful wood animal make a lovely, soft rhythm sound, much like a maraca. It’s a perfect rattles for babies, with smooth edges all around.

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