Montessori Christmas Trees for Kids: Our Top Picks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you’re like me, you absolutely love the holidays and can’t wait to get out your Christmas decorations. And while I do like to let my kids (currently 3 and 5) help me decorate our Christmas tree, it can also be fun for them to have a Christmas tree of their own.

Below are some of our favorite Montessori-aligned Christmas trees for kids, as well as a few other favorite Christmas toys.

Large Wooden Stackable Christmas Tree: This Christmas tree has 4 large wooden stackable pieces making it easy to grab with little hands.

3D Wooden Christmas Tree: This tree is a great Montessori practical life sewing toy. It can be folded flat and put into a stocking, or given as a gift. The set comes with different shaped ornaments, including a star for the top of the tree. A rainbow of colored yarn is also included. This toy is wonderful for building fine motor skills, learning to sew, and practicing stitches.

Felt Christmas Tree with Button Ornaments: There are a multitude of felt Christmas trees with stick-on ornaments, but we particularly like this one that helps with the practical life activity of buttoning.

Christmas Tree Fine Motor Toy: This wooden tree has 25 wooden divots and comes with 25 festive red and white wool balls, a wool star topper and bamboo tongs for fine motor work.

3D Felt Christmas Tree with Ornaments: There’s no shortage of felt Christmas trees with ornaments available, but we like this 3D version from Etsy.

Stacking Christmas Tree: We just love this cute stackable Christmas tree from Etsy. The set contains 5 pieces made of silicone.

Hanging Christmas Advent Calendar with Ornaments: This felt calendar has 24 holiday felt ornaments that can be hung on the Christmas tree. Great to hang on a door.

Christmas Nesting Dolls Set: Children typically enjoy nesting activities, and we adore this wooden Christmas nesting dolls set that includes a Santa Claus, snowman, penguin, reindeer, and fox. My 3-year-old was obsessed with my vintage stacking Santas, so this has been a fun activity for her almost every day. Check out this one if you’re looking for a nesting nativity set.

Christmas Lacing Boards: This set of 3 Christmas themed lacing boards includes a Christmas tree, snowman, and gingerbread man. The lacing boards are made of wood and the set comes with 3 ribbons.

Wooden Nativity Set: Though peg dolls are more Waldorf style than Montessori, we love this wooden peg doll nativity set from Etsy. For a more affordable option, check out this one.

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