Gift Guide: Best Montessori Toy Ideas for 18 Month Olds

If you’re searching for the best Montessori-aligned gift ideas for 18-month-olds, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for an Easter, Christmas, or other Holiday gift, our Montessori 18-month-old gift guide is a great place to start for your toddler.

We have ideas that include budget-friendly Montessori toys from Amazon to gorgeous custom-made items from Etsy, as well as our favorite picks from Montessori-aligned companies such as Lovevery and Monti Kids.

Wooden Lacing Set montessori Gift for 18 month old toddler

Wooden Lacing Set

This set of lacing beads is designed for young toddlers that have not yet developed their pincer grasp to the point of holding a little thread. This set has 1 string connected to a wood needle. The 12 beads and rings each have a large hole to easily fit the needle through.

Board books montessori Gift for 18 month old toddler

First Word Books

My First 123, My First ABC,and My First Colors: These board books by DK are a great collection to have for your 18-month-old toddler. When possible, Montessori-aligned books should show real images as opposed to illustrations. These board books are a great choice for your child to begin recognizing images, words, numbers, and colors.

Climbing Arch with Pillow

Montessori climbing toys make great gifts, and this climbing arch is a good first choice for your toddler. The steps are small, they can use the rails to pull up with their hands, it allows them to safely use their growing bodies in new and exciting ways.

animal matching game montessori Gift for 18 month old toddler

Animal Matching Game

This set of animal figurines with Montessori-style cards can be used in multiple ways, including the matching game. Comes with Schleich brand animals.

Montessori Dowel Toy Set

These stacking toys are used in Montessori to aid the child in developing the proper grasp and hand-eye coordination. They are perfect toys to help the child begin to hone the grasp needed for writing later on.

montessori pink tower Gift for 18 month old toddler

Montessori Pink Tower

The Pink Tower is one of the most classic Montessori materials. Between 18 months old and 2 years old is a great time to introduce your child to the pink tower. A must-have for Montessori homes.

shape peg puzzles Montessori Gift for 18 month old toddler

Shape Puzzles

This set of shape peg puzzles is a great Montessori gift idea. They help your child develop their motor skills, gripping skills, hand-eye coordination and brain stimulation.

nexting xylophone set Gift for 18 month old toddler

Nesting Xylophone Set

A beautiful set of 5 nesting music cylinders that helps kids to learn about tones, colors and sizes.

Wooden Ball Tracker Montessori Gift for 18 month old toddler

Wooden Ball Tracker

A ball tracker has many benefits including developing motor skills, eye strength, and bilateral integration skills. Makes a great Montessori gift that can be used for several years.

Self Care Station

Mirrors and self care stations are encouraged in Montessori households. There are many benefits to a safe and secure room mirror.

wooden sensory bin tools montessori Gift for 18 month old toddler

Wooden Sensory Bin Tools

This set of wooden tools helps toddlers to hone practical life skills such as scooping, pouring, grasping, etc. Set includes 8 different pieces in a gift set.

custom family book with pictures montessori Gift for 18 month old toddler

Custom Family Book

Possibly our very favorite gift idea, this custom wooden board book can be created with pictures of your 1 year old and any family members (plus friends and pets!) that you choose.

Tripp Trapp High Chair Great Gift idea for 18-month-old in a montessori household

Tripp Trapp High Chair

More than just a high chair, the Tripp Trapp is loved by Montessori parents around the world. It grows and adjusts with your baby and can be used until they’re 3 years old. One of our favorite Montessori aligned gifts!

montessori Gift set for 18 month old toddler

Montessori 18 Months Gift Set

Multi-pack of Montessori toys for helping develop strategy, problem-solving skills, and motor function for your 18-month-old.

pikler triangle climbing set Gift for 18 month old toddler

Pikler Triangle Set

Climbing toys such as a pikler triangle are often recommended by Montessorians. This is a great gift for an 18-month-old that will be used for many years.

Montessori gift set Gift for 18 month old toddler

Monti Kids Level 6 Box

Monti Kids offers beautiful sets of developmental Montessori toys. The level 6 box is for 18-month-olds and includes multiple sets of materials that will challenge and grow your child.

shape sorter Montessori Gift for 18 month old toddler

Shape Sorter

This is a classic developmental toy that not only gives toddlers practice with shape discrimination, but also cause and effect. The design of this shape sorter is wonderful for a younger child who is new to the concept.

wooden color book Montessori Gift for 18 month old toddler

Wooden Color Book

This Montessori-inspired wooden book uses only realistic images. Each original illustration features an object from the natural world that displays the color on the page.

wooden stacking rainbow Gift for 18 month old toddler

Wooden Rainbow Stacker

While wooden rainbow stackers were designed more for Waldorf, they are often found in Montessori classrooms. Check out our full post for more information on rainbow stackers in Montessori.

Anatomically Correct Baby Doll

Baby dolls in Montessori are realistic and anatomically correct because learning materials should reflect the realism and diversity of the world. They help children to develop social-emotional learning and value people from diverse backgrounds.

Toilet Learning Kit

Monti Kids has included everything you need to support your child’s bathroom independence, from a floor potty to a unique spout extender for easier hand-washing. Routine cards and a special board book will inspire your little one to get started.

Montessori Cooking Together Kit

A complete set of food-safe, developmentally appropriate kitchen tools support cooking experiences that will help your child build a positive relationship with food. Ten beautifully illustrated recipe cards help parents and children create child-friendly meals together. Food preparation activities help build executive function and self-confidence.

Montessori Busy Board

A simple Montessori busy board focuses on two skills as it can conceal a shape behind each door that your child can unlatch. Then the shape can be placed in the correct location on the board.

Strider Balance bike Montessori gift for 3 year olds

Balance Bike

I have loved using balance bikes for my kids. Strider is the best-known brand with the youngest starting age: 18 months. If they can walk, they can ride! This bike is adjustable and will grow with your toddler.

Lovevery Block Set

A brilliant, practical system of solid wood blocks for building spatial, language, and problem-solving skills. 70 heirloom-quality pieces that work with each other in more than 20 stage-based activities. Years of learning through play, crafted by child development experts.

18-Month-Old Play Kit

Lovevery offers different play kits for 18-month-olds that offer a variety of Montessori-aligned toys for your toddler. Activities include games, puzzles, toys, and practical life materials.

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