Can You Buy Montessori Curriculum?

The Montessori method and the curriculum developed around it, were designed to help children reach their potential. The Montessori curriculum is built around five key areas of study and is readily available to be purchased.

The Montessori curriculum can be bought by educators, parents, or caregivers to be used at home or in a classroom. It is not a curriculum in the traditional sense. The curriculum consists of guides and materials that allow children to direct the learning process.

Any Montessori curriculum should focus on the five areas of learning to ensure children reach their full potential. So, where can you buy the Montessori curriculum, and is there more than one way to teach it? Read on to find out!

Can You Buy Montessori Curriculum?

The short answer to the question of whether you can buy the Montessori curriculum is yes! You can purchase the Montessori curriculum from several places and deliver it yourself or it can be delivered through a Montessori guide via online lessons. Each option will be explored below.

The Montessori curriculum is full of age-appropriate practical sensory-based activities that allow children to learn at their own pace. The Montessori curriculum includes child-directed activities and materials based on five areas of development or subjects, namely, practical life, sensorial education, language, mathematics, and cultural studies.

Where Can You Buy a Montessori Curriculum to Use at Home?

The Montessori curriculum is intended to be used in a prepared classroom environment. This does not mean that you will not be able to use the curriculum at home. There are several options available to you if you are looking to purchase a Montessori curriculum for home use.

Many of the Montessori curriculums available tend to be more of a guide than a traditional rigid curriculum. This means it is easier to adapt the curriculum to meet the child’s needs and your budget. You can buy age-specific Montessori curriculums from the below suppliers:

North American Montessori Center

North American Montessori Center has been providing a Montessori curriculum since 1998. NAMC offers curriculums and supporting resources from early childhood until upper elementary, meaning they offer curriculums suitable for ages 0-12. Their manuals are in-depth and can be bought in separate sections or as a complete guide.

NAMC supplies curriculums that work if you are a teacher or a caregiver who wants to educate at home. Each curriculum has training DVDs and hundreds of pintables for you to use, including charts, checklists, exercise sheets, nomenclature cards, and templates.

The NAMC curriculum and resources are great if you want to start your Montessori journey. NAMC provides an in-depth classroom guide that covers everything from the theories that make up the Montessori philosophy of education and the method developed around it and how to apply them.

Shiller Learning: Montessori at Home

Shiller Learning: Montessori at Home provides a wide range of Montessori homeschool materials. Shiller Learning supplies Montessori curriculums from the age of 0 to 16. They offer a curriculum that can be implemented in a school or home environment.

The Shiller curriculum includes prepared lessons that are easy to implement and has flashcards, workbooks, songs, and more to complement their lesson plans.

Montessori Services

Montessori Services offer a wide range of Montessori materials. Montessori Services offer everything from in-depth books on the Montessori method and how to implement it, to age group-specific curriculums and materials for use during work cycles.

Montessori Services offer materials and curriculum that cover subjects such as practical life, mathematics, sensorial, music and movement, cultural studies, science, language, geography, and community.

Age of Montessori

Age of Montessori offers age group-specific curriculums designed for homeschooling. Age of Montessori offers step-by-step guides for parents on exactly how to implement Montessori at home.

Age of Montessori supplies comprehensive guides for each subject for ages 2 to 6. In their shop, you will find curriculum charts, books, and additional courses on how to implement the Montessori method at home.

ETC Montessori

ETC Montessori provides research-based curricula and materials. ETC Montessori has a wide range of flashcards, charts, materials, age-appropriate curricula, and furniture. They use award-winning artists to design their materials and their curricula are researched and tested by Montessori educators and children.


Multisori prides itself on offering a complete, uncomplicated Montessori curriculum, designed especially for homeschooling. Their approach is child-centered, easy-to-use education delivered in a prepared home environment.

The core subjects offered by Multisori are practical life, science, mathematics, sensorial and geography, and each manual follows the Montessori scope and sequence. Multisori offers a complete Montessori homeschool curriculum. Want to get 10% off any purchase from Multisori? Use the coupon code 10TODAY at checkout!

Can You Buy Montessori Online Class-Style Curriculum?

The educational philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori revolutionized early childhood education. One of the core beliefs held by Dr. Maria Montessori is that education should be flexible and adapted to suit the needs of the child. Today, this means being able to be taught online if needed.

The Montessori method is centered around engaging the whole child in the learning process through hands-on activities. This presents some challenges when transferring Montessori education into an online environment.

Despite the challenges, you can buy Montessori curriculum that is more class-style and taught by Montessori guides online. Montessori distance learning has become popular in the last few years. Here are some of the places that offer courses taught by Montessori Guides but are not necessarily online schools. 

Trillium Montessori

Trillium Montessori offers self-paced Montessori courses that help parents or caregivers who have chosen to homeschool. You can buy individual courses that include video presentations of the subject matter.

Global Village School

Global Village School offers Montessori distance learning from kindergarten through to 12th grade. If you would like to purchase curriculum only, they have that option available. Global Village School offers more structured curriculums as some of the materials are taught online by Montessori guides.

My First Montessori School

My First Montessori School offers virtual lessons for children aged 16 months to 12 years. My First Montessori School offers one-to-one tutor programs that you can use alongside their curriculum. This is a great option if you want the flexibility of homeschool combined with guided online classes a few times a week.

For more information about the online Montessori School options that are available you can read more here.

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