How Much Do Montessori Teachers Make?

Montessori schools are full of teachers, and many young teachers are looking at teaching in one of the many Montessori schools across the United States. However, how much do Montessori teachers make?

Montessori teachers make an average of about $34,718 across the United States. However, different states provide varying annual salaries. This level of pay can also be modified based on area, how long the teacher has been employed, and the age group they teach.

Several factors determine how much this type of teacher will make, some of these things include location, experience, marketing of the school, the size of the school, and specific job title.

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How Much Do Montessori Teachers Make?

For a new, inexperienced Montessori teacher (also called a Montessori guide), the average starting salary is approximately $28,000 annually. However, it was reported that the lowest mean income ranges from $18,000 to $20,000 yearly. The highest average pay is anywhere from $43,000 to $45,000 in the 90th percentile. However, Montessori teachers can make as much as $49,000 per year. In general, the average income was documented to be about $34,718. (Source)

This comes out to be $16.69 an hour for the national average. This usually ranges from $13.94 which is the 25th percentile to $19.71 an hour which is the 75th percentile. However, hourly wages have been reported from as low as $8.65 an hour to as high as $21.88.

These statistics were determined in 2022 and account for average incomes between all experience levels as well as across states. While this number can increase with time, it was explained that the only way to receive a noticeable increase in pay is if the teacher moves to an administration position or teach in another state.

It is crucial to understand that Montessori was originally created for low-income people but then became really popular. What this means for income is that it varies greatly across marketing, states, experience, and even local areas and the popularity it holds in that region.

How Much Do Montessori Assistant Teachers Make?

The national average that Montessori assistant teachers will earn is about $30,178 a year, which breaks down to approximately $15 an hour. This is not to be confused with a Montessori Teaching Assistant who makes about $14.04 hourly. (Source)

How Much Do Montessori Directors Make?

How much a Montessori director makes is typically determined by how many children attend the school they are in charge of. For a school that has 200 students or below, it can be expected that the director will earn about $45,000 a year.

For larger schools, they can earn as high of a range as $80,000 to $100,000 annually. It is also possible for a qualified administrator to open their own Montessori school, in that case, the director’s pay could be different.

Assistant Directors make an average of $40,072 every year which breaks down to about $15.71 an hour. The highest hourly pay was about $20 and the lowest was about $12. (Source)

How Much Do Montessori Elementary Teachers Make?

There was not a lot of data found on the salary of elementary teachers specifically, but from what could be found, it is claimed that Montessori elementary school teachers earn a median of $38,867 yearly with the top percentage making closer to or above $40,000 across the United States.

On the lower end of the spectrum, salary can range from $16,500 to $20,000. On the high end of the spectrum, the average salary is $51,500 but that is for the 99th percentile.

The highest paying state for these elementary school teachers is Washington with a salary of $42,436 and an hourly wage of $20.40. It is important to realize that this data was determined prior to tax deductions. (Source)

How Much Do Montessori Preschool Teachers Make?

Preschool teachers usually make less than the average teacher and this concept applies to Montessori teachers as well. Montessori preschool teachers earn an average of $13.92 to $14.15 an hour.

The range of pay was noted to be anywhere from $11 to $21 an hour and $9 to $14 hourly for preschool teacher assistants.

Preschool assistants will end up making an average of $24,677 with the usual range being anywhere from $23,728 to $28,718 annually as of April 2022. (Source)

When the job was rated on different aspects, fair pay and pay transparency were rated the lowest at 2.4 and 2.5 stars. (Source)

Do Montessori Teachers Get More Benefits?

Montessori teachers get summers off as well as holidays, weekends, and any other vacation periods that the students receive. From the sources that were analyzed, it seems that they do not get paid during the summer.

Like any other teacher, a full-time Montessori teacher will work regular school hours, Monday through Friday. This schedule does depend on the age group that they are teaching. As far as benefits go, health coverage is usually offered.

Based on the information and data reviewed, it is safe to say that Montessori teachers on average do not get paid more or get more benefits than regular teachers. This is common across all age groups that they teach, from preschool to elementary school, and across most states. (Source)

Montessori Teacher Income Based on Area

Massachusetts and Alaska were reviewed to be the highest paying employers for this position, their average salaries were $39,790 for Massachusetts, and $39,790 for Alaska, with Nevada in third at $37,269. Nevada pays higher than the national average by 7.3%, and Massachusetts has an even larger gap of 14.6% above the average. When looking at it based on hourly pay, Massachusetts Montessori teachers make a mean of $19.13 an hour.

Mississippi and Florida have the lowest salaries averaging $27,149 for Mississippi and $27,303 for Florida, the third-lowest paying state is New Mexico at $28,164 annually. Mississippi’s median hourly pay is $13.05 which is a slightly significant difference from the highest paying states. If you are looking for employment as a Montessori teacher, it would definitely be recommended to look into how your potential pay compares to other areas. (Source)

Average Montessori Teacher Salary by State

StateHourly Montessori Teacher PayYearly Montessori Teacher Pay
New Mexico$13.54$28,164

The salary of Montessori employees greatly depends on the location, experience, position, and size of the school, and how well the school advertises itself. If you are looking for the payment of a specific area, it is suggested to research it because the income for Montessori teachers is different for every state.

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