Can a Doll House Be Montessori? Our Top Choices

Boy playing with wooden Montessori dollhouse

Montessori is a great method of teaching children. It uses hands-on activity and play to help kids learn. If you want Montessori toys for your home, then you likely want to know what kind of dollhouse is Montessori approved.

Dollhouses can be acceptable in the Montessori method of learning. To be Montessori aligned, dollhouses need to be made of natural materials, such as wood, and the house and furniture should be as realistic as possible.

If you are looking to get Montessori toys like a dollhouse for your child, then read below for some examples of Montessori dollhouses and how a dollhouse can be aligned with the Montessori method.

What Makes a Dollhouse Montessori?

Dollhouses are commonly seen as bright and colorful, and as an accessory to go with Barbies or other dolls. Maybe you had a 1980s/1990s Barbie dream house or mansion like I did!

But if you want to choose a more Montessori-aligned dollhouse, then there will be a few differences. The Montessori method is all about self-directed learning. It allows kids to learn through playing by themselves and with other kids. Toys and materials in Montessori are ideally made of natural materials and are generally simple, focusing on one skill or area of learning.

Toys that light up, make noises, talk, sing, move, are too colorful, and are overall very distracting do not fit the Montessori method. Montessori toys engage kids and entertain them in a way that keeps their curiosity and interest high while at the same time teaching them a specific skill.

Montessori focuses on realism, so any dollhouses and doll furniture should be as realistic-looking as possible. The wooden dollhouse should look like a real house that your child would see outside, and ideally, the furniture in the dollhouse should be small replicas of real furniture, not just plastic, fake furniture.

Montessori Stackable Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture
Stackable Wooden Dollhouse with Furniture from Etsy

In the Montessori method, certain toys are used at certain ages to help develop the child. At certain ages, kids have specific skills, and as they get older and learn more, their skills grow. So, more complicated toys are going to be seen with older kids compared to simple toys for younger kids. (Source)

A dollhouse will be great for kids ages 3-12, which covers the primary and elementary ages of kids in the Montessori method. You can determine the interest of your child and decide what age they should get a dollhouse. There are short and tall dollhouses, so depending on your child’s age and living space, one size might be better than another.

A small kid that is 3-6 years old will do better with a smaller dollhouse that they can reach in and play with. Kids ages 7-12 might be interested in a bigger dollhouse that they can stand with. You know your child best, so you will know what size will work best for them.

Remember, just because some dollhouses don’t fit perfectly into the Montessori method doesn’t mean that they should be written off entirely. Use your best judgment!

Best Montessori Dollhouses and Furniture

There are many options for Montessori-aligned dollhouses and furniture that you can get on Amazon and Etsy. Amazon is great because it is convenient and they usually have lots of options, and generally offer some decent inexpensive choices. Etsy has a great selection of Montessori dollhouses and furniture, although they are often a bit pricier. However, the quality tends to be better as well.

Tall Montessori Wooden Doll House with Furniture
Tall Montessori Wooden Doll House with Furniture from Etsy

So many parents want the best toys for their kids, and many of them create businesses through Etsy and make those toys. You can find many great options on Etsy, not only dollhouses but also many toys that are Montessori approved for your kids. There are more all wood and custom options for toys and dollhouses than what is on Amazon.

In case you missed them earlier in the article, a few of my favorite Montessori-aligned dollhouse options are this beautiful one with furniture and this tall dollhouse with furniture. Here are the rest of our top choices in various price ranges.

  • This beautiful handmade wooden dollhouse comes with 94 pieces of furniture and accessories. It is one of the more expensive options available. See it and check the price here.
  • This Fold-and-Go Dollhouse is one of the least expensive options at around $59. It’s from Melissa and Doug and comes with 11 pieces of furniture and 2 dolls. My daugher received this one as a gift and has enjoyed playing with it ever since, and even my son joins in occasionally.
Fold and Go Dollhouse from Melissa and Doug on Amazon
  • Also from Melissa and Doug is this 2 foot tall multi-level dollhouse that includes 19 pieces of wooden doll furniture.
  • This wooden dollhouse from Etsy is only around $84 with free shipping. It comes with 15 pieces of furniture. It can also be painted.

You can also find furniture, dolls, and other accessories that match and fit well in the dollhouse that are Montessori-aligned. If you want to get your kids a little miniature kitchen set, then there are people who sell that. You can find tiny wood pots and pans that they can use in the dollhouse.

  • Several shops on Etsy make miniature wooden accessories for dollhouses, such as this wooden kitchen set, and the following wooden bedroom furniture sets

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